How Does Google Know Where to Send People?: Domain Authority

The Most Important Digital Marketing Number Most Business Owners Don’t Know About

Do you know what your domain authority is? Google does…

Domain authority is a number between 1 and 100 that indicates to search engines how trustworthy and share-worthy your website is.

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The title is misleading because domain authority as a number is a number calculated by an SEO company.

Still useful because Google looks at factors that can be calculated to predict trust to rank websites in search results.

When you understand how Google makes recommendations, you will intuitively become a better SEO strategist.

So, in short. Google is motivated to make recommendations that people will find useful. The reason you search for something using Google is that you know it’s likely the websites towards the top are going to be good resources. If Google kept recommending x-rated material for your tax question, you wouldn’t use it.